Corporate Wear You Can Buy

Based on the corporate wear trend forecast for India this season, here are items you should buy, wear and flaunt:

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Short-collared shirts

Formal shirts with short collars for a sharp office look. They are a lot more functional than other collar lengths and will stay popular over the next few seasons. Go for a short collar on a dressy white shirt (which you wear either with a tux or without) or a smart pastel (blue, grey, mauve) shirt under your favourite business suit.

Three-piece suits

Old-world three-piece suits in classic cuts for the boardroom and business trips are by far one of the strongest trends for men this winter. The waistcoat must be made with the same fabric as the jacket and trouser and should give you a structured and snug fit. Ensure its ‘dressy enough’ to be worn with a full-sleeve shirt, even without a jacket on top.
Slim ties

Broad ties are vintage. Update your tie rack with a collection of slim ties. While a black one is a must, keep a brown, blue, purple and red tie handy to mix and match with all your suits.

Textured & matt fabrics

No shinier, metallic and glossy fabrics for business and work wear. Trends favour a matt, dull look especially for jackets, trousers and three-piece suits. Soft fabrics and luxury wool blends will be the flavour this season. Texture is strong and so are small prints of tartan or multicolored checks.
Double breasted jackets

Six and eight (brass or silver) button jackets from the early ’80s have been reinvented to look shapelier. Since a double-breasted jacket can make one look broad and boxy, wear them only if you are tall or lean.

Short overcoats

The era of large ‘detective style’ overcoats is over. Invest in a good quality, short (knee-length or higher) one for peak winter or if you are traveling to cold places. Choose solids (in camel, grey, black or brown) over prints, as they are a lot more neutral and are less likely to be remembered, even when worn over and over again.


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